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Savage Heart presents BRIGHTON 24 HOUR PLAY FESTIVAL

After our sell-out promenade show Dark Bites at Theatre Royal Brighton last year, we are returning with our latest new writing event. The Brighton 24-Hour Play Festival invites 5 writers, 5 directors and a bunch of talented actors from Brighton to live on the edge! They have only 24 hours to write, rehearse, and perform 5 new mini plays on the stage of the Theatre Royal Brighton.


At 7pm, the night before the show, names are drawn, and writers are assigned a cast, a director, a theme, and a prop. They will stay up all night writing, and hand over their scripts at 7am the next morning. 5 creative teams will rehearse at the theatre all day, bringing the brand-new scripts to life, until the 7pm show deadline! The audience will have the rare opportunity to get close to the action, sitting on stage with the actors during this nail-biting performance. What could go wrong?'


Fri 12th April, 7pm, Tickets £15 BOOK HERE

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Our macabre and unsettling new writing event. A curated selection of chilling stories by Sussex writers told by local actors. So far we've held six, sold out performances of DARK BITES. If you're a writer who'd like to apply, you can find out more HERE.


DARK BITES 1 took place at The Actors Theatre, Kemp Town in February 2023.

The Legend of Joan's field by Tamsin Heatley

The Cuckoo Cycle by John Berry & Peter Gardiner

Features_Settings_Permissions by Neil Noon

Monsters by Jon Griffin

If You Go Down to the Zoo Today by Mark Locke

Eclipse by Julie Denton

DARK BITES 2 was a promenade journey through the nooks and crannies of the atmospheric Theatre Royal Brighton, just in time for Halloween 2023!

The Wrath of Mach by Peter Beckett-Clee

Our Shadows Our Walls by Neil Noon

Supermassive by Rachel Mae Brady

Forest Walk by Annie Kerr

On Demons by Rosie Grey


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Aspiring actor Frankie moves to London to 'make it big.' By chance she meets captivating Viv who gets her a part-time job at a major financial advice firm. Frankie is initiated into a world of money, sex and power ruled by dangerous boss Paddy. When pushed too far, Frankie and her co-workers must take action to save themselves, but at what cost?

THIRST is a Faustian tragi-comedy exploring rage, internalised Capitalism and the search for home.

Written by Rachel Mae Brady, directed by Joy Forsythe.

We staged a rehearsed reading of THIRST at the Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton on Tues 5th April 2022 featuring Charlotte Duffy, Isabella McCarthy Sommerville, Michael Ross, Vita Oldershaw, Heather-Rose Andrews and Lorraine Yu.

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Polly, 36, has just been dumped by Dominic; her boyfriend of 14 years. She creates a social media diary, posting daily videos documenting her journey through the breakup.  Watch (and like?) as Polly's life gets smaller but her obsession with Dominic and his new girlfriend, Gabriella, grows. When Gabriella announces their engagement in a status update, Polly takes action. Witness a woman's descent into obsession and revenge through a series of video posts in real time.


Available on twitter @SavageHeartCO

instagram @theheartissavage

facebook @savagehearttheatre


Adapted by Corrina O'Beirne from her award winning short story 'Variation of Molly', directed by Joy Forsythe, performed, filmed and edited by Rachel Mae Brady.

Wolf Tamer Poster.JPG

Wolf Tamer


Rachel has lost her hero. Her uncle Neil has unexpectedly died. Rachel becomes reclusive, struggling to leave the house. Attempting to make sense of her loss, she revisits the incredible stories Neil told her as a child about his adventures around the world.  She encounters polar bears, hang gliders, ancient Egyptian mummies and is haunted by an ever-present 'wolf.' An autobiographical, often humorous exploration of grief, love and the power of storytelling. 

Written and performed by Rachel Mae Brady. Directed by Joy Forsythe. Movement direction by Emma Webb. Designed by Rachael Twyford. 


                                  - Voice Magazine

Top 3 Finalist for the Voice Magazine Best Newcomer Award and New Writing South Best New Play Award at Brighton Fringe 2019.

Winner of the Lion's Bursary Award at Brighton Fringe 2019.

Shortlisted for the International Stephanie Lehr Playwriting Competition, 2019.

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