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Reviews & feedback for Savage Heart's shows #WeAreNotEven and Wolf Tamer

Jon Lewis Newbury Weekly News on our Social Media Play #WeAreNotEven

'Brady is mesmeric throughout, fearless in displaying life's beatings on her beautiful face. Like the best serials, the format leaves you wanting to tune into the next episode.' 

Kerry Williams, Voice Magazine, on WOLF TAMER

'"Are you ok?" I ask a fellow lone theatre-goer in the front row. He's taken off his glasses and is wiping away subtly sobbed tears. "The wolf never leaves", he sighs with a sad smile. "it got me too" I say, putting my arm around him. We're two strangers, welling up. . We have just come to the close of Rachel Mae Brady's new play, Wolf Tamer. And it was fantastic.' *****

Jon Lewis, Newbury Weekly News, on WOLF TAMER

'One of the most powerful, moving productions I have seen this year.'

Audience Feedback for #WeAreNotEven

'This was so good! Thank you for entertaining me every day! The script was thought provoking and poetic and the performance stunning.' - @cruggeeze

'Has anyone seen #WeAreNotEven yet? I've just watched Day 1 and it's absolutely hilarious. (Don't tell me how it ends!)' - @sarahillswrites

'Such heartbreaking and poetic language.' - @MarjorieMorgan

'Fabulous writing and performance! Excited for the next episode.' - @davegerow

'This is briliant! Filmed on a mobile phone & adapted from her own short story by Corrina O'Beirne. Polly has just been dumped. . . & who is Gabriella? I have to keep watching! - @theliterarypig

'Watching 'We are not even' filmed on a mobile phone written by award winning @OBeirne_Corrina, produced by @SavageHeartCO on Twitter. Funny, sad, inventive. Look forward to the whole set.' - @StephanieNorgat

'Loving this. I'm worried what I will do with my time when its over.' - @GoodEnoughToday