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Savage Heart


Savage Heart is a female led theatre company based in Brighton. Savage Heart is co-run by theatre makers Joy Forsythe (director / producer / writer)  and Rachel Mae Brady (writer / performer / director). Following the success of our show 'Wolf Tamer' which was a Top 3 Finalist for both the Best Newcomer and Best New Play Awards at Brighton Fringe 2019, we formed Savage Heart in March 2020 (not the best timing for the formation of a new theatre company!)

Despite lockdown, we managed to produce our second show in 2020. #WeAreNotEven is an online 'Social Media Play' adapted by Corrina O'Beirne from her prize winning short story 'Variation of Molly', performed by Rachel Mae Brady and directed by Joy Forsythe, featuring Roseanne Lynch as Joanna.  #WeAreNotEven was performed and filmed entirely on a mobile phone by Rachel and directed by Joy via Zoom. We had thousands of views over instagram, facebook and twitter. 

Moving forward, we can't wait to start research and development on our third play THIRST; an exploration of rage, Capitalism and power dynamics set in a London call centre. THIRST (previously called SMASH!) was selected for theatre showcase 'emanate' in 2020, where we performed a 15 minute segment for an industry audience. The performance featured an original percussion score composed by Emma King (Stomp!).


We are always interested in new collaborations with artists and theatre makers from different discliplines. If you have an idea for a collaboration, get in touch. 

Our Team

Rachel Mae Brady: Director, Writer, Performer.

Joy Forsythe: Director, Writer, Producer.

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